Jaluzelele rulou zi noapte sau ,,zebra'' sunt un produs nou si modern aparut pe piata sistemelor de protectie solara care datorita tesaturii din care sunt confectionate  permit controlul luminii care intra in  in spatiul de  locuit intr-un mod nou, diferit fata de produsele consacrate in acest domeniu.

Materialul textil al acestor rolete are benzi orizontale transparente care alterneaza cu benzi orizontale opace.Atunci cand benzile transparente se suprapun,lumina patrunde in incapere iar cand benzile transparente se suprapun peste cele opace,este oprita patrunderea luminii.Datorita acestui tip de tesatura cu benzi orizontale, putem controla lumina fara sa ridicam ruloul.

Materialul textil este de cea mai buna calitate si se imparte in 2 categorii: tesaturile clasice,semitransparente si tesaturi care imita culorile lemnului.

Toate profilele folosite pentru producerea rulourilor zi noapte sunt din aluminiu.

Jaluzele rulou zi noapte sunt disponibile in doua variante : 

- sistemul mini este folosit atunci cand roleta se monteaza pe tamplaria geamului;tubul pe care se aduna tesatura are diametrul de 17 mm iar latimea  maxima admisa pentru aceste   rulouri este  de 1600 mm;accesoriile pentru acest sistem sunt disponibile : alb si maro;in cazul ferestrelor oscilobatante roletele zebra se pot monta fara sa se gaureasca  tamplaria  printr-un sistem de cleme care se monteaza pe cercevea.

- sistemul cu caseta este folosit atunci cand ruloul se monteaza pe perete sau pe tavan si se doreste acoperirea unor suprafete mari; tubul pe care se infasoara  tesatura are diametrul de 25 mm si este acoperit de o caseta de aluminiu;

Jaluzele rulou zi noapte pot fi actionate manual sau electric,cu motor si telecomanda.

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For all our projects, we carry out laborious measurements in the field with performance measuring instruments, the mounting conditions being an important factor for finding the most efficient and ingenious constructive solutions.

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SC AXA PLUS SRL has about 2000 square meters of production facilities, equipped with work equipment and equipment of the newest generations.
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SC AXA PLUS has a team of enthusiastic professionals who, based on the documentation received from potential clients, offer the portfolio products, finding the most optimal construction solutions. 

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SC Axa Plus has specialized assembly teams for all types of products in the portfolio, with many certified installers from our suppliers, with specializations and courses for all these products.
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If you have not known us so far, maybe we were not quite insistent or perhaps quite demanding!

Axa Plus. Successful alliance.





Why choose

AXA PLUS professional solutions?

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The quality of materials for products manufactured, marketed and assembled by Axa Plus is certified by European CE certifications, compliance statements, SP certifications, performance declarations, quality certificates from our suppliers, some of the most titratable in their fields of activity. We work with local suppliers, but also with suppliers in the Netherlands, Germany, Italy, all this in order not to deviate from the motto of AXA PLUS: "The race for quality does not end".

Our company has implemented the integrated quality management system - ISO 9001: 2008, ISO 14001: 2005 and OHSAS 18001: 2008.



One of our favorite motto "We guarantee with our professionalism" combines with the respect of the local and European legislation, AXA PLUS granting for the performed works 2 years warranty, warranty service and post-warranty service on the basis of advantageous contracts service.

In cooperation with our suppliers, we grant warranty for used profiles or other 5,10,15 or even 20 year markers.



More than 


 happy customers

Our old and new clients, over the 19 years of our business, understood that "We guarantee our professionalism" and the fact that our products and services have maintained and increased our standards.

Dear Clients, do not forget: "With  us you never lose " and we waive to apply with all your trust to our services!

 We are waiting for you !

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